How tasty is diigo?

About 9 months ago, when it was looking like delicious was just going to vaporize, I was quite panicked – I had been using it since the early days (I still type much more readily than and had several thousand bookmarks. But as it became clear that it was going to hang around, I put off switching over to diigo. Now that #potcert11 has a diigo group, though, it’s time for me to finally take the plunge.

Exporting my old bookmarks out of delicious and importing them to diigo was easy and quick. So far, things appear to be mostly intact at diigo. Some people do complain about diigo truncating long descriptions, but I don’t think that affected me much, since I’m kind of a minimalist when it comes to saving bookmarks (though maybe my 700+ different tags say different).

I am having a bit of a problem, though. I use Chrome on the Mac as my primary browser. I installed the diigo extension but when I try to bookmark, I get an endless attempt at “loading recommended tags“. I’d like to have the recommended tags available, but also this seems to block the area where normally I’d be able to share with a group (i.e. mccpot). Usually a little googling of this kind of problem gives me an answer, but in this case no luck. Anyone else encounter this issue? Any solutions/suggestions?


2 thoughts on “How tasty is diigo?

  1. I started using back in 2005 and after a few months of using Diigo I returned to Delicious because it has the features I need. I don’t like Diigo!!!! I am a Delicious fan

  2. Problem solved. I had restarted the browser several times but not the computer. After a full restart the Chrome extension is working great. There’s a drop-down to share with the mccpot group and all is good. Two other observations: the recommended tags don’t seem quite as on-the-ball as delicious’s extension. Perhaps that will change over time. On the “hooray!” side – I love that the diigo extension icon changes when I’m on a page that I’ve already bookmarked. I often wished for that with delicious – now I have it w/ diigo. Yay!

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